Foster Dog:   Bella

Gender:   Female

Age:   3 yrs

Spayed/Neutered:   Yes

Health concerns:   Completed heartworm treatment but will need to be rechecked October 2017.  The disease was in the very early stage, no heart enlargement or blood vessel involvement.

General Activity Level:   Very high

Interaction with dogs:   Very good.  She and her one-year old Golden foster brother love playing together and get along well.  Several “meet and greets” with neighborhood dogs both on/off leash have gone well.  She is very respectful of our senior (10+) female Golden.  There have been no temperament/toy/food issues.

Interaction with cats:   Although there are no cats in her foster home, Bella has a very strong prey drive, alerts on and chases birds and squirrels in the yard, and is very quick.  Cats may be at risk around Bella.

Interaction with children:    Good.  Ideal with older children/teens.  Although not much of a jumper, her high energy level might overwhelm younger children at first.

Physical fence required?     Yes.  Bella is a possible flight risk.  We keep a close eye on her when she’s outside.

Suitable for an invisible fence?   Might be an option

How many hours are they able to be left alone?   8+ hrs (crated)

Able to climb stairs?   Yes

In need of obedience training?   Yes.  Bella would definitely benefit from obedience training.  Basic manners, loose leash walking need work.

Personality and additional information: 

Bella is a beautiful girl, loving, smart, inquisitive, and very energetic.  She is house trained, takes treats gently, and will give up a toy to people or her foster brother with no issues.  In her previous life, she was allowed to run loose a lot of the time and was often picked up by animal control, so she may take advantage of an unguarded open door.

Bella loves attention, and will snuggle and nap on the couch or bed beside you, often resting her head in your lap. (She has furniture privileges in her foster home).  Tummy rubs are always welcomed.  She can be a talker/barker (but not excessively).  When she needs to go outside, or if it’s close to a mealtime, she lets you know.  When left unattended, Bella’s curious nature has sometimes gotten her into trouble.  She investigates her surroundings and, like a toddler, puts things in her mouth.  Kongs and Nylabones help satisfy her urge to chew.  Although she has counter surfed, she quickly got down when told no.  She is closely supervised when inside so her behavior can be monitored and corrected. Bella is crated when her foster family is not at home and at night.  She doesn’t mind the crate and can be left for 8+ hrs.

Bella loves chasing a ball, retrieving it, and dropping it at your feet, waiting for you to throw it again. She has such great mobility, she might be the perfect candidate for agility training.  She has been working on mastering basic commands, using treats as rewards.  She knows sit, and is learning down, wait, and stay.  Response to come when called is inconsistent (depends on where she is and what she’s doing).  Bella loves to go for walks, but her leash manners need work.  Although only 58 pounds, she is surprisingly strong.  Using a Gentle Leader has greatly improved her leash-walking skills, slowing her down and keeping her close.  Bella also loves car rides and is always ready to go on an adventure.  She travels well and her behavior in the car is perfect.

Bella is a work in progress but has so much to offer.  Although continued training is needed, the family that is willing to consistently invest the necessary time and effort to work with her will find Bella to be a quick learner, and eager to please.  She is such a sweet, happy girl and so deserves a GRREAT life with a wonderful forever family.  Could you be the family Bella is waiting for?

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